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Craft Stick Puzzles

It's fun to make your own puzzle with craft sticks.
It's fun to make your own puzzle with craft sticks.
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Craft stick puzzles are fun and challenging. Because the puzzle pieces (the craft sticks) are all the same shape, the only clue to the correct placement of the puzzle piece is the color and design.

You can make your puzzle as difficult or easy as you like, but for a tricky twist, draw two puzzles -- one on each side of the sticks. Shake them all in a bag to mix them up, and then see if you can do the puzzle when you don't know which side is up!

What You'll Need

12 to 16 craft sticks

Transparent tape


How to Make Craft Stick Puzzles

Step 1: Place the craft sticks side by side. You may want to put a piece of tape on one side of the sticks to hold them together while you draw.

Step 2: Draw a picture on the sticks and color it in.

Step 3: To make a two-in-one puzzle, draw another picture on the other side. Remove the tape and turn the sticks over. Add tape to the other side again to hold the sticks in place.

Step 4: Draw the second picture. Now remove the tape and mix up the sticks. Then put your picture back together.

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