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Balloon Badminton

It's okay to play badminton in the house -- when you use balloons.
It's okay to play badminton in the house -- when you use balloons.
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Playing balloon badminton is an interesting twist on the traditional outdoor game. Best of all, this one can be played in the house, so it's a great rainy-day activity. And it's just as much fun to make your badminton "rackets" and badminton court as it is to play.

Get creative, and decorate your rackets and the balloon to match. For instance, if you draw a sun or a moon on a racket, draw stars on the balloon. (Hint: It's easier to draw on the balloon before it's inflated.) Make sure you discard any broken balloon pieces immediately because they can pose a choking hazard for small children.


What You'll Need

2 craft sticks

2 plastic coffee can lids

Craft glue




Blunt scissors

String or yarn

2 chairs

How to Make Balloon Badminton

Step 1: Glue a craft stick to each plastic coffee can lid to make the badminton rackets. Use markers to decorate your rackets with pictures.

Step 2: To make the net, fanfold a sheet of newspaper. Cut out V-shaped sections.

Step 3: Open the paper and thread some string through the top row of the cutouts.

Step 4: Tie the net between two chairs. Blow up a balloon, and play a slow-motion, fun game of badminton inside the house.

Ready for a quieter activity? It's fun to make your own puzzles with crafts sticks and colored markers. Keep reading to find out how.

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