How to Make Games

Beanbag Games

You can play lots of different beanbag games -- each one is different from the others, but they all are lots of fun. You can buy beanbags at most toy stores, or you can make your own with dried beans and fabric squares. Then, get your friends together for a beanbag game marathon. Get ready, take aim, and toss!

What You'll Need

Cardboard box



Poster board

Empty coffee can

Construction paper

Transparent tape

6 paper towel tubes


How to Make Beanbag Games

Game 1: Draw a face on the bottom of a cardboard box, with two big eyes and a big mouth. Have an adult cut out the mouth and eyes. To play, throw the beanbags through the holes.

Game 2: Draw a tic-tac-toe board on poster board. Toss the beanbags on the board to get three in a row.

Game 3: Draw a design on a sheet of construction paper. Tape the paper around a large coffee can. Standing at all different distances from the can, try to toss your beanbags in it.

Game 4: Decorate six paper towel tubes. Stand them up and try to knock each one down with a toss of a beanbag.

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