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Auto Bingo

Auto Bingo is a fun way to pass the time on car trips.
Auto Bingo is a fun way to pass the time on car trips.
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The next time you take a long car trip, play Auto Bingo. The time will fly by as you watch for the many different objects along the road.

You can play this game by yourself, or you can make several boards and play against others in the car. See who can be the first to call out "Bingo!" (Just remember to call out softly -- so you don't distract the driver!)


What You'll Need

Three 10x10-inch pieces of felt



Large, clean pizza box

Craft glue

Old magazines

Blunt scissors

How to Make Auto Bingo

Step 1: Use a marker to draw a checkerboard on two pieces of felt. On two pieces of felt, draw lines two inches apart, down and across, so that you have twenty-five 2-inch squares. There should be five squares down each side.

Step 2: On one checkerboard, write "free" in the middle space. Glue this felt piece inside the pizza box on one side.

Step 3: Glue the third, unmarked felt piece on the other side of the pizza box.

Step 4: Look through old magazines for pictures of objects you see when you travel -- a mailbox, speed limit sign, police car, traffic light, gas station, cow, and so on. You will need 24 pictures. Cut out the pictures, making sure they are small enough to fit in a 2-inch checkerboard square.

Step 4: On the second felt piece with a checkerboard, glue each picture onto a 2-inch square. (If you can't find the pictures you need, just draw the objects on the squares.)

Step 5: Cut out the picture squares and arrange them on the blank checkerboard felt piece pasted in the box. Fill in all the squares except for the "free" space.

To play Auto Bingo:

Look for the objects on your bingo card when you are taking a car trip. When you see one, remove the picture square from your bingo card and place it on the third, unmarked felt piece. (Felt sticks to itself so your picture squares won't get lost.)

When you have an empty row across, down, or diagonally, you win! To play again, rearrange the picture squares on the felt checkerboard. This way, you create a different game every time you play.

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