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Try your luck with this "a-maze-ing" game.
Try your luck with this "a-maze-ing" game.
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A "maze" is a confusing network of passages, and that's what makes this game truly "a-maze-ing." When you create your own maze game to play with your friends, you can make the passages are difficult or confusing as you like.

Follow the easy instructions below to create the maze game -- but it won't be as easy for your friends to find their way out of your maze!

What You'll Need


Tracing paper

Black felt-tip pen

Graph paper

Colored pencils

How to Make the A-Maze-ing Maze Game

Step 1: Use a pencil to draw a zigzag track on tracing paper. Add detours and dead ends off the track, and add more tracks that go nowhere. You can also make more maze tracks that are curved or triangular.

Step 2: Once you've completed the maze, go over it with a black felt-tip pen.

Step 3: Then trace over your maze with graph paper so that you won't see any pencil marks.

Step 4: Add a drawing at the entrance and exit, such as a lost bear looking for its den. Color the maze with colored pencils.

Step 5: Make copies of your maze game, and give it to your friends to play.

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