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How to Make Games

Box Maze

After you create a box maze, you can have marble races with a friend. Making this game starts with a shoe box lid in which you design a maze. Then you erect a few walls, cut a few holes (ask a grown-up to help with this part) -- and you're off! The person who gets through the maze in the shortest amount of time without losing his or her marble is the winner.

What You'll Need

Drawing paper





Small marble

Shoe box with lid

Craft glue

How to Make a Box Maze

Step 1: Practice drawing a maze design on a piece of paper. Think of a theme for your maze. For example, it might be a swamp game, such as "Watch Out for the Alligator Ponds."

Step 2: Draw lines for the maze walls, and mark places along the maze to cut holes (these will be the "ponds") for the marble to fall through.

Step 3: Mark the starting and finishing points of the maze.

Step 4: Once you've created a design you like, draw the maze lines and hole marks on the inside of the shoe box lid. Cut the pond holes where indicated. Make sure the holes are slightly larger than the marble.

Step 5: Use colored markers to decorate the maze.

Step 6: To make the walls of the maze, cut 1/2-inch-wide strips of cardboard from the shoe box (not the lid). The strip should be the length of the maze line.

Step 7: Apply glue along the lines in the lid, and stand a cardboard strip in the glue to make each wall. Let the glue dry.

To play, place a marble at the starting point. Then tilt and turn the lid to move the marble along the maze to the finishing point. Be sure to watch out for the alligator pond holes!

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