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Car Race Game

Create this car race game on graph paper.
Create this car race game on graph paper.
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Here's a car race game that you can play anywhere. And it's just as much fun to make your "race track" as it is to play the game. You can design the track to with lots of curves or with sharp angles.

This game can be played alone (race against yourself) or with a friend. Get ready, get set -- start your engines!

What You'll Need

Graph paper

Colored markers

One die

How to Make a Car Race Game

Step 1: Draw a curvy track at least 1 inch wide on a piece of graph paper.

Step 2: Draw a tiny grandstand, start/finish line, pit stop area, and walls.

Step 3: To make your "race cars," cut 2 squares from another piece of graph paper the same size as the squares on the graph paper track. Mark one with an X and one with an O. (Instead of an X and O, you could draw one type of car on one square and a different car on the other square.

To play the game:

Place your cars at the start line. Roll the die to determine how many squares to move.

You may move your car in only one direction -- either across or down. You may not move diagonally. If your move sends your car off the track, you lose a turn. When it's your turn again, go back to your last spot on inside the track. If you land on the same spot as the other car, go back to your last spot before that and skip a turn.

Take turns with your friend. The first one to cross the finish line is the winner.

It's also fun to send secret messages to your friends -- all you need is a code wheel. Find out how to make one on the next page.

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