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Toddler Can

Toddlers will love to drop objects into the can.
Toddlers will love to drop objects into the can.
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A "toddler can" is an educational toy that's sure to please any little girl or boy. Toddlers will love to drop objects -- like clothespins or blocks -- into the hole in the top of the can, and you will love the fact that they'll get hours of pleasure from your gift.

What You'll Need

Empty coffee can


Can opener

Blunt scissors

Assorted colors of felt

Craft glue

Fabric markers

3 plastic coffee can lids



Large poker chips

How to Make a Toddler Can

Step 1: With an adult's help, use a can opener to cut the tin lid and bottom from a coffee can.

Step 2: Cut a piece of felt to fit around the can. Cut the width about 1 inch wider than the can. Glue the felt around the coffee can. Fold and glue the 1-inch excess over the bottom edge of the can to cover rough edges.

Step 3: Decorate the felt with cut felt shapes and fabric markers.

Step 4: Have an adult cut in the following, one in each lid: a circle to fit clothespins, a square to fit blocks, and a slit to fit large poker chips. You also could cut each shape into one lid for a shape-sorter toy.

To play, put a lid on the can and place it on a flat surface. Have the toddler put the shapes in the can.

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