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Twist-Tie Pickups

See how many figures you can hook together without dropping any!
See how many figures you can hook together without dropping any!
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The game of Twist-Tie Pickups is challenging -- and fun! See how many of the twist-tie figures you can hook together without letting one drop from the chain. You'll get "hooked" on this fun game, but be careful -- one wrong move and your chain will fall apart.

What You'll Need

Large piece of thin poster board


Blunt scissors

Colored markers

Twist ties (about 40)

Craft glue

How to Make the Twist-Tie Pickups

Step 1: On the poster board, draw a figure with a head and body. Cut it out and trace it 19 times on the remaining poster board.

Step 2: Cut out all the figures and decorate them.

Step 3: Glue two figures together, with twist ties between the pieces for legs and arms. Make nine more two-sided figures the same way.

Step 4: Let the glue set.

Step 5: Bend the arms and legs in different directions to make hooks.

To play the game:

Hold one figure and try to pick up another by hooking it to the first. Holding only the first figure, hook another figure to the second figure. See how many figures you can pick up before the chain breaks.

You can make a special game just for the toddler in your family. Keep reading to learn how.

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