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How to Make Games

Wheel of Measure

Discover some little-known facts about your home when you play "Wheel of Measure"! First, you'll create the measuring wheel from a paper plate; then, you'll use it to measure objects around the house -- that's doing it the fun way.

Once you've found out how long or wide things are, play the Wheel of Measure game by quizzing your family and friends. See whose guess is closest to the actual measurement.


What You'll Need

Cloth measuring tape


Stiff paper plate

Ruler with hole at one end

Paper fastener (also called a brad)

How to Make the Wheel of Measure

Step 1: Use a cloth measuring tape to mark off the inches around the paper plate.

Step 2: Attach the middle of the paper plate through the hole in the ruler with a paper fastener.

Step 3: Run your measuring wheel along any surface to see how long the surface is in inches. Count how many times the wheel goes around from one end of a surface to the other, and multiply by the number of inches you marked on the wheel.

For example, did you mark off 12 inches on your wheel? If a 12-inch wheel goes around 4 times from one end of a table to the other, then the table is 48 inches long (12 x 4 = 48). Now, start the quiz game!

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