Indoor Nature Crafts for Kids

Crewel Burlap Nature Craft

Crewel Burlap Nature Craft
Crewel Burlap Nature Craft
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Artwork can be drawn with pen, pencil, or paint, but it can also be drawn with yarn, as in the crewel burlap nature craft.

What You'll Need:

  • Craft burlap (available at craft or fabric stores)
  • Markers
  • Assorted colors of yarn
  • Needlepoint needle

How to make crewel burlap:

Step 1: Draw a picture on the burlap with markers. Make a picture of a garden with a scarecrow and a split-rail fence with a line of crows.

Step 2: Following the outline, sew yarn around your picture in long and short stitches. Go in and out with needlepoint needle using different colors of yarn to match what you are outlining. You can even fill in areas by going back and forth with the yarn. Pick small areas to fill in that need emphasizing in your picture such as the black crows and the scarecrow's face.

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