Indoor Nature Crafts for Kids

Stick Wreath Nature Craft

Stick Wreath Nature Craft
Stick Wreath Nature Craft
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Hang your natural stick wreath nature craft on the front door. It will be a welcome symbol to all who visit your home.

What You'll Need:

  • 10 long, thin branches
  • Large tub or bucket (to soak sticks)
  • Silver cord
  • Dried flowers

How to make a stick wreath:Step 1: Find about ten long, thin branches in your yard. Soak them in warm water overnight. The branches will become soft so that you can bend them. Step 2: The next day, twist and braid the branches together in a circle. Overlap several branches around the circle of sticks to secure it. Step 3: Bring the branch ends together, and overlap them. Tie a piece of silver cord around the ends to hold the wreath in place. Tie more silver cord in a few spots around the wreath. Step 4: Tuck dried flowers into the branches.

You won't be "crewel" after you learn the next craft. Keep reading for more indoor nature crafts for kids.

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