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Rebus Story Craft
Can you decifer the code? Once upon a time...
Can you decifer the code? Once upon a time...

The Rebus Story Craft challenges kids to come up with creative tales. The next time friends come to play, ask everyone to make one rebus story. Then everyone gives their own story to someone else to tell.

How to Make The Rebus Story Craft

What You'll Need:

  • Black Felt-Tip Pen
  • Drawing Paper
  • Markers

Step One: Create a story with pictures for words. You can make up your own story or use your favorite fairy tale.

Step Two: Write your story on a piece of paper. As you write it down, draw certain words, especially repeated words, as a picture. For example, if you wrote a story about a king, you could draw a picture of a crown as the symbol for the word king.

Use the symbols throughout your story.

Step 3: Write and draw a whole story, and bind the pieces of paper together to make a book. (See Mother Moose Illustrated on page 64 for binding instructions.)

Step 4: You can also use a stamp to repeat the pictures over and over instead of drawing them.

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