How to Make Ribbon Flowers

You can make as many ribbon flowers as there are real flowers, and then some. Here's how to make a generic flower and a pompom from ribbon.

For the ribbon flower you'll need the following items:


  • A roll of ribbon
  • A sheet of felt
  • Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)
  • Scissors
  • Brads
  • Hot glue

Here's what to do:

  1. Cut a 2-foot (61-centimeter) length of ribbon.
  2. Sew a basting stitch along the length of one side of the ribbon.
  3. Pull the stitches tight to give it a scrunched look.
  4. Cut a circle of felt. Your flower will be the size of the circle.
  5. Pin the ribbon around the rim of the circle.
  6. Stitch the ribbon to the felt.
  7. Pin another ribbon circle inside the first. Sew it down. Repeat until the circle is covered.
  8. Cut the remaining ribbon.
  9. Pull out the basting stitch from the ribbon.
  10. Glue a brad to the center of the flower, using hot glue. Your flower is done.

[source: Ribbon Flower]

To make a ribbon pompom you'll need about 5 yards (4.57 meters) of ribbon and a length of wire.

  1. Form a 9-inch (22.9-centimeter) loop of ribbon.
  2. Continue looping the ribbon around the outside of the first loop, as if you were loosely rolling up the ribbon. The more loops you make, the fuller the pompom will be. Cut off any excess ribbon.
  3. Press two opposite sides of the loops together, flattening it into a rectangle.
  4. Snip off a small triangle between each corner and the middle of the rectangle. Don't cut too close to the middle of the rectangle.
  5. Fold both ends of the ribbon along the length of the rectangle so they meet in the middle. The triangle cuts overlap slightly forming notches.
  6. Tie a piece of wire across the notches and around the rectangle.
  7. Pull out the loops, bending them toward the center and twisting every other loop to the other side.

[source: Ribbon Pompom]