How to Make a Rag Doll

Rag dolls are easy to make. They can be made in all sizes and from all sorts of materials. All you need is a design, cloth and stuffing. So let's get started with the project and make that rag doll.

We'll make a rag doll from scratch, including the pattern. If you have difficulty drawing a pattern, you can buy rag-doll patterns in any craft store.

  1. Draw an outline of your rag doll on a piece of cloth. Make a large round or oval head.
  2. Include a seam allowance of at least one inch (2.5 centimeters). Remember that you want to cut the rag doll pattern larger than the actual doll shape that you drew. This will allow the cloth to hold ample stuffing.
  3. Take another piece of cloth the same size as the first one. Spread the cloth out under the first piece of cloth. Pin both pieces of cloth together.
  4. Cut both pieces of cloth out at once, following the pattern that you drew.
  5. Start at the center of the head, and hand stitch the two pieces of cloth together along the pattern's seam. Stop sewing when you reach between the legs.
  6. Stuff the doll. Make sure you get stuffing into every spot.
  7. Continue hand stitching the two pieces of cloth along the second leg. Stuff the leg.
  8. Continue stitching your way toward the head, stuffing the doll as you go. Once again, make sure all the corners are stuffed.
  9. Sew the doll on a sewing machine after it's completely stuffed.
  10. Sew on buttons and trim for the eyes, nose and mouth.

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