Foam Crafts

Foam crafts can take any shape or size.
Foam crafts can take any shape or size.

Foam has many uses: packing boxes, making mattresses, soundproofing, and of course, making crafts. And though you won't be learning how to soundproof your kids' room, you can at least keep them occupied with a few foam crafts for kids.

Foam crafts are a great way to boost any art project. Using the step-by-step instructions, kids can learn how to use foam.

Learn how to make foam crafts with the instructions on the following pages.

Foam Tray Casting

Make the mold using a foam tray.

Foam Core Sculpture

Decorate a Christmas tree or a windowsill with these 3-D delights.

Foam Core Puzzle

Create your own mind-bending jigsaw.

Some crafts are so much fun they break the mold. Learn how to recreate shapes using a foam tray casting in the next section.

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