How to Make Educational Games

No-Bored Games

No-Bored Games is a great activity that teaches your kids to turn studying into a game. Who said studying can't be fun? This dinosaur board game is not only fun -- it may even help improve your grades.

How to Make No-Bored Games

What You'll Need:

  • Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Index Cards
  • 6 Craft Sticks
  • Small Plastic Cup

Step One: On the poster board, draw a snakelike road. Divide it into squares.

Step Two: Color each area with one of 6 colors. Draw dinosaurs, volcanoes, swamps, and tar pits alongside the road. Write "Jump ahead 1" or "Go back 1" on some squares. Draw question marks on 5 squares.

Step Three: On each index card, write a question about dinosaurs. If you land on a question mark, you must answer a question about dinosaurs to move.

Step Four: Make pick sticks to move. Color the bottom 1 inch of each craft stick with one of your 6 colors. Put the sticks, color side down, in the small plastic cup. Draw 1 pick stick to see what color you move to.

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