How to Make Educational Games

The Great Adventure

Help your kids create challenges for their heroes in The Great Adventure.
Help your kids create challenges for their heroes in The Great Adventure.

The Great Adventure is a challenging educational game that you can make with your kids. Bring your favorite action hero or heroine to life.

How to Make The Great Adventure

What You'll Need:

  • Action Figure
  • Heavy Poster Board
  • Pencil
  • Thick Black Marker
  • Paints and Paintbrushes or Colored Markers
  • Clear Adhesive Vinyl
  • Thin Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Game Pieces from other Board Games or Colored Glass Pebbles
  • Die

Step One: Come up with an adventure for your favorite hero or heroine action figure. Give him or her a goal to reach and several funny obstacles along the way.

Step Two: Sketch in the starting point in a corner of the poster board and the end in the opposite corner. Draw scattered obstacles in the middle. Draw a path, with marked spaces big enough for your game pieces, between the starting point and the end. Mark some spaces "hazard."

Step Three: Finish coloring in the board with markers or paints. Let dry. Cover with clear adhesive vinyl for lots of use. Use the thin poster board to make hazard cards to turn over when you land on one of these spaces.

Step Four: Name the hazard and the penalties, such as "Lose a turn," "Go back 2 spaces," "Start over," etc.

Step Five: Grab your game pieces, roll the die, and begin the adventure!

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