How to Make Educational Games

Art Flash Cards

Mix and match your crazy shapes to create images.
Mix and match your crazy shapes to create images.

Art Flash Cards are a great educational game that you teaches pattern recognition. Teach yourself and your kids to see basic shapes in your art with a fun flash card game.

How to Make Art Flash Cards

What You'll Need:

  • Ten 3×5-inch Blank Index Cards
  • Markers

Step One: Divide the index cards between you and a friend. Draw crazy shapes on the cards. Start with simple shapes without too many intersecting lines, then make each shape a little more complicated. Don't draw letters or specific objects.

Step Two: The idea is to draw unfamiliar shapes. Color in the shapes.

Step Three: Now flash one card at a time to each other. See if you and your friend can redraw the shape you were shown.

Step Four: Hold the picture at different angles and distances. Can you see any objects in your art?

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