How to Make Educational Games

One Peg at a Time

How long will it take you to solve One Peg at a Time?
How long will it take you to solve One Peg at a Time?

One Peg at a Time is an educational game that your kids can play with you or by themselves. A pegboard solitaire game -- or duel -- is fast-paced fun.

How to Make One Peg at a Time

What You'll Need:

  • Thin Poster Board
  • Graph Paper and Glue Stick (optional)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Push-pins
  • Container to hold Push-pins
  • Thick Stack of Newspaper

Step One: Plan out any grid design you like. Just make sure it has an odd number of dots or places where lines cross each other. If you're using graph paper, cut it to the desired shape and glue to the poster board.

Step Two: Lay the board on newspaper and stick a push-pin into every dot or line intersection. Leave one space open in the center.

Step Three: The object of the game is to "jump" pins over each other and remove them one at a time, as in checkers. The catch: You must end with the last pin in the center space.

Step Four: For a duel, have a friend make a board also. Then challenge each other to see who finishes first.

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