Easy Winter Activities for Kids

These easy winter activities for kids will show you that there's nothing like bringing nature inside during winter. Plants are an easy way to brighten a frigidly cold, snowy day.

Kids can scout out winter-growing plants or plant spring blooms inside with these easy activities. Your house will look like an indoor garden after doing these kids' activities.


To find plants perfect for winter, follow these links:

Late Bloomers

Some plants bloom in spring, others are just late. Find those late bloomers in this easy activity.

Beautiful Bulbs

Spring bulbs don't know the difference indoors. Here's the chance for those bulbs to make a winter appearance. Learn more.

Plants do grow in the winter! On the next page you can find them in the first easy winter activity.

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Late Bloomers

In the late bloomers easy winter activity, kids can find flowers, berries, and leaves for a beautiful winter bouquet. All you'll need are local "late bloomer" plants in this easy activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Field guide to plants

How to Find Late Bloomers:

Most people think flowers only grow in the spring and summer, but there are several hardy winter-blooming plants.


For example, a flower called the Christmas rose blooms in December and stays colorful all the way to early spring. And as long as they get some sunlight, pansies and violas will bloom in cold climates.

See if you can find some winter blooms in your neighborhood. Also look for plants that make bright-colored berries in the winter.

Depending on where you live, you might find the berry-bearing bushes listed here. All are evergreen, which means their leaves stay green in winter. The berries may be red, orange, yellow, purple, or white. (Never eat the berries. They may be poisonous.)

Use a field guide to plants to help you identify more flowers and plants for your winter bouquet.

Here are some of the plants you might find:

  • Christmas rose (Helleborus)
  • Barberry (Berberis)
  • Erysimum
  • Euonymus
  • Pansy
  • Holly (Ilex)
  • Polyanthus
  • Nandina
  • Viola
  • Pyracantha

If green thumbs need more satisfaction, grow your own flowers in the next easy winter activity.

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Beautiful Bulbs

Brighten your winter by using beautiful bulbs to grow fresh spring flowers indoors. Kids can coax a spring bulb into blooming during winter in this easy activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Narcissus or hyacinth bulbs
  • Shallow dish
  • Pebbles or aquarium gravel
  • Water

How to Make Beautiful Bulbs:

Narcissus and hyacinth bulbs can be grown indoors using the technique called "forcing." To "force" a bulb, you trick it into thinking it's springtime.


Step 1: Buy some paper-white narcissus bulbs or any type of hyacinth bulb at a garden store.

Step 2: Find a dish about three or four inches deep and pour in about 1 or 1-1/2 inches of pebbles. Set three or four bulbs upright in the dish and fill in around them with more pebbles. Leave the tops of the bulbs sticking out.

Step 3: Add water up to the top of the pebbles. Set the dish in a cool, dark place for two weeks, adding water as needed, to allow roots to form.

Step 4: After two weeks, bring the dish out into a well-lit room, but out of direct light.

Step 5: When the leaves are well-­developed and flower buds are forming, set the dish in a sunny window.

Start your bulbs in October for Christmas blossoms, or in January for Easter. You can try other spring flowers such as daffodils, crocus, or tulips.

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