Easy Water Activities for Kids

Liquid Melodies

Try the Liquid Melodies easy water activity.
Try the Liquid Melodies easy water activity.
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Learn how to make water music in Liquid Melodies. You may have noticed all the different sounds that water makes. This easy activity for kids creates a symphony of water.

What You'll Need:

  • Bottles, jars, or drinking glasses of different sizes
  • Water
  • Spoon or stick

How to Make Liquid Melodies:

Go around your house and yard, and see how many different sounds you can make with water. Try the faucets, from barely on to full blast. Listen to the shower, the hose, the sprinkler.

Drop ice cubes into a glass of water. Any other ideas? Now think of water sounds in nature: a soft rain, a hard rain, waves, a waterfall. It's a regular symphony, isn't it?

Speaking of a symphony, here's one way to make music with water. Gather several glass bottles, jars, and/or drinking glasses of different shapes and sizes. (Always be careful when handling glass.)

Put water in them -- a little water or a lot. Use a spoon or a small stick to tap the containers, and see what different notes they make.

Can you arrange the containers from lowest note to highest note? Can you change the level of water in the containers to create new notes? How about making up a song to play on your water instruments?

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