Easy Water Activities for Kids

Sticky Water Tension

Try the Sticky Water Tension easy water activity.
Try the Sticky Water Tension easy water activity.
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Sticky water tension is for those who have ever wondered how high can you really fill a glass with water. This experiment will demonstrate to kids the power of surface tension, all in one easy activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Glass
  • Water
  • Eyedropper

How to Do Sticky Water Tension:

Fill a glass to the very top with water. Then use an eyedropper to add water, very gently, one drop at a time.

You'll see that you can add drops until the water level is actually above the rim of the glass! How is this possible?

Here's the explanation: The water molecules are attracted to one another, but not to air molecules. So, as long as they possibly can, the water molecules will stick together in the glass, rather than falling over the edge of the glass.

This tendency of water molecules to stick together is called "surface tension." A surface tension gives water the appearance of having a "skin" across the top of the glass.

This is also why small droplets of water stay in a round shape rather than spreading out in all directions.

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