Easy Volunteer Activities for Kids

Stream of Consciousness

The Stream of Consciousness easy volunteer activity will have you cleaning up America, one stream at a time. Kids will start thinking in a new stream of consciousness with this easy kids' activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Work gloves
  • Trash bags
  • Adult supervision

How to Do Stream of Consciousness:

Your local streams and rivers are valuable natural resources. But they need your help to get rid of unsightly litter. With your help, kids can form a kids-only weekend work crew to help put garbage in its place (one adult should go along for advice and supervision).

Gather at a different section of stream each weekend for four weeks

at a time. Dress in old, grubby clothes and sneakers or boots. Bring garbage bags, work gloves, plenty of fresh water to drink, healthy snacks, and a good attitude.

Be sure to search the land near the stream, the banks, and the shallows just off the banks for signs of trash or debris. Carefully gather up trash and put it in large, sturdy trash bags.

If kids see any dangerous garbage, such as broken glass or hypodermic needles, DO NOT TOUCH. They should notify the adult on the team and let him or her decide what to do.

In the next easy activity, it's time for some family fun with a walk in the neighborhood.

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