Easy Volunteer Activities for Kids

Telephone Smiles

In the telephone smiles easy volunteer activity, you'll send a smile from phone to phone. A gift for gab is a big help in this easy kids' activity that can brighten someone's day.

What You'll Need:

  • Telephone
  • Yellow pages

How to Do Telephone Smiles:

Sometimes, just a friendly hello can inspire a warm grin. With your telephone in hand, you can spread smiles without ever leaving home.

Contact your local nursing home. Ask them if any of the residents could use a friendly call. Then spread the news -- someone cares and isn't afraid to say so.

Before you call a resident, think of some topics of conversation so you'll be sure to have something to talk about. Be sure to ask about them as people -- older people have lived long lives, and they have some fascinating stories to tell!

Some ideas to talk about are where the senior grew up and went to school, what their favorite TV shows are, what they like to read, etc. You and your child can work together to brainstorm more ideas.

In the next volunteer activity, gather essential goods to give to the homeless.

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