Easy Volunteer Activities for Kids

Beautify the Neighborhood

In the Beautify the Neighborhood easy outdoor activity, you'll plan an outdoor cleanup project with family and neighbors. You can pull weeds and plant flowers in this easy kids' activity that will beautify the neighborhood.

What You'll Need:

  • Gardening tools
  • Plenty of helpers

How to Beautify the Neighborhood:

You've probably seen a spot or two in your area that needs sprucing up. Perhaps the parking strip in front of your own house is full of weeds. Maybe the nearby park looks blah.

First, list what to do: get permission, pull weeds, dig up soil, re-seed grass, plant trees, plant flowers. Cross things off your list that are too difficult, expensive, or hard to maintain, and check with your local government before fixing public property.

Tell everyone about your idea. See if any neighbors, friends, or local clubs would like to help. Set a date to meet. When everyone is together, dig in! Everyone can help pull weeds. Adults can dig up hard soil and trim shrubs. Children can help plant flowers and small trees.

Next, pay your good intentions forward with a kids' time capsule activity.

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