Easy, SentimentalCrafts for Family Night

Put the whole family to work on these fun and easy crafts.
Put the whole family to work on these fun and easy crafts.
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This year, try replacing one of your weekly family movie nights with a more hands-on approach: a family crafting night. These three projects are easy to customize for your family’s own interests, ages, and creativity levels. They don’t require hard-to-find materials – just willing participants. Whether it’s just you and the kids or a full house of grandparents and relatives, getting everyone involved in one of these crafts will be a fun and memorable experience.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Instead of sending store-bought Valentine’s Day cards to grandparents, aunts, and uncles, work together on handmade versions. Use classic materials – red and pink paper, paper lace doilies, heart stickers – for a traditional look, or put your heads together to come up with more personal cards you can make as a family; try using your thumbprints, incorporating a favorite family photo, or letting the little ones decorate with stamps, buttons, and candies. The resulting cards will be keepsakes that your loved ones are sure to hang onto forever.


Silhouette crafts are easy and fun ways to pay homage to your family’s favorite things (but since they involve a lot of precise cutting and tracing, they’ll be more fun with older kids). The options here are endless: Freehand draw or trace outlines of your favorite animals, instruments, hobbies (like your family’s sailboat, a football, or famous landmarks in the places you’ve traveled together), or each other’s profiles from photos; cut them out from bright scrapbook paper, traditional dark cardstock, sheets of music, maps, or fabric; then attach them to wood, canvas, framed paper, ornaments, or tiles to display them.

Family Handprints

Once you’ve gotten the whole family together, it’s the perfect opportunity for a craft that requires all hands on deck – literally. Work on a project that incorporates everyone’s handprints into one finished product: Try tracing each hand on a different color of construction paper and layering them in a frame to show the different sizes; cut out a tree trunk from brown paper, attach it to a plain cardstock, and use each person’s handprint as a different leaf; stamp brightly colored handprints on solid color canvases; or embroider the outline of each handprint on a pillow or other piece of fabric for an easy craft that will always remind you of this one moment.

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