Easy Outdoor Team Games for Kids

Spoon It Up

When you play Spoon It Up, you may acquire an appreciation of how farmers used to get water to their fields from a river -- by carrying it there, one bucket at a time.

This game doesn't use buckets, though, or make you go down to a river. Instead, you'll use a large spoon and a bowl of water. It takes teamwork and a steady hand. Here's how to get started:

What You'll Need:

  • Empty bowls
  • Water-filled bowls
  • Large spoons

How to Play Spoon It Up:

Step 1: Set two bowls for each team on opposite sides of a yard or small playing field. The bowls on one side should be filled with water; the bowls on the opposite side should be empty.

Step 2: Each team lines up behind its water-filled bowl. At a signal to begin, the first person in line dips the spoon into the water-filled bowl and carries it across the yard to the empty bowl.

Step 3: The player carrying the spoon then dumps the water into the empty bowl and runs back to the other side of the yard.

Step 4: That player then hands the spoon to the next person in line, and then takes his or her place at the end of the line.

Step 5: Play continues -- passing the spoon and carrying the water -- until the originally full bowl of water is empty. The first team to transport all the water from one bowl to the other is the winner.

Variation: Set a timer. The team with the most water in its bowl when the timer goes off is the winner.

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