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Easy Outdoor Team Games for Kids

Backyard Bowling

Backyard Bowling is a great outdoor game the whole family can enjoy. It's as easy to play as it is to set up. Just make some "pins" and give it your best shot.

Challenge a friend or divide into teams. Teams are best if you have at least four people playing -- it'll be like your own bowling league. See who can knock over all of the bottles using the fewest balls.


What You'll Need

  • Six two-liter plastic bottles
  • Water
  • Softball

How to Play Backyard Bowling:

Step 1: Find six empty two-liter plastic bottles. Pour water into each one until each is nearly half full. Cap the bottles -- now you have bowling pins.

Step 2: Stand the pins up in front of a wall or fence. Arrange them into three rows -- one row with one bottle, the next row with two, and the last row with three.

Step 3: Stand about 15 steps away from the pins, and roll a softball toward the pins. Take your best shot!

How many bottles can you knock over with one ball? How many tries does it take to knock them all over?

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