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Easy Outdoor Team Games for Kids

Steal the Bastille Game

Each team draws a picture of their Bastille.
Each team draws a picture of their Bastille.
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Steal the Bastille is a game based on the events that occurred at the Bastille, an infamous French prison that was dismantled during the French Revolution.

This is a great team game that's best played in a large backyard or field with lots of trees and bushes to hide behind. Part craft, part team sport, you'll have hours of fun with your friends as you race to steal the Bastille!


What You'll Need:

  • Large heavy drawing paper
  • Markers
  • Two rubber bands
  • Large outdoor play area
  • Red bandannas and blue bandannas (enough for each player to wear one)

How to Play Steal the Bastille:

Step 1: Before beginning play, the players on one team tie red bandannas around their heads. The other team's players tie blue bandannas around their heads.

Step 2: Each team stakes out a "prison" and a safe territory, which the teams mark and show to each other.

Step 3: Clearly mark a dividing line between the two territories. Clearly mark outer boundaries, too. Outer boundaries are lines that cannot be crossed.

Step 4: Each team now draws a large picture of the Bastille, then hides their Bastille picture somewhere on their territory by rolling it up and putting a rubber band around it. The picture may need to be weighted down with stones if it's a windy day.

Step 5: To begin the game, players run to each other's territory to try to find and steal each other's Bastille. If a player is tagged by someone on the opposing team while in the other team's territory, he or she is captured and must stay in prison -- until another of his team members finds and tags him.

Step 5: The game ends when one team finds the other's Bastille picture and brings it back to their own territory, without being tagged by someone on the other team.

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