Easy Outdoor Gardening Activities For Kids

Flower Scent Observation

Through flower scent observation, you'll learn that every flower has a scent, though it may be hard to notice. That challenge is just part of the fun when you try your hand at flower scent observation.

What You'll Need:

  • Flowers of various kinds

Scent is one way for flowers to attract insects, which have keen senses of smell. Strongly scented flowers like lavender, roses, and lilies need their powerful smells to attract insects.

Flowers pollinated by hummingbirds don't have scents, since birds don't have a good sense of smell. But do these flowers have any odor at all?

Get permission to go through the yard and collect several types of open flowers. Do they have scents? Some will have a strong, obvious odor, but others will have little or no odor.

Take the flowers that don't have much smell and crush them in your hand -- see if that helps you smell them. Next, close your eyes and have a friend hold crushed flowers under your nose. Can you identify flowers by smell alone?

The scent of a flower can travel long distances on the wind -- and so can the seeds of other plants. Keep reading for an activity that shows just how far a little seed can go.

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