Easy Outdoor Gardening Activities For Kids

Learn to make the Strawbarrel Strawberry Planter.
Learn to make the Strawbarrel Strawberry Planter.
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Gardening is fun, but it can be a challenge, too. Easy outdoor gardening activities for kids will introduce children to the rewards of growing plants in simplified environments, where success is easier to come by.

These activities also encourage an active interest in the natural world -- and what could be better for gardening than that?

Follow the links below to learn more about easy outdoor gardening activities for kids:

Grow Your Own Sprouts

Sprouts will spring from the soil with these simple steps.

Plant Buddies

Some plants don't need soil to grow, they just need the help of their fellow plants.

Wagon Planter

Show your flowers off around town with this easy outdoor gardening activity.

Strawbarrel Strawberry Planter

Strawberries taste all the sweeter when you grow your own.

Flower Scent Observations

Don't just stop and smell the roses -- investigate the scents of all the flowers you can find.

Seed-Scattering Experiment

How far will seeds fly? Conduct this easy outdoor gardening activity and discover the answer.

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