Easy Outdoor Games for Kids

Blind Man's Bluff in Nature

See nature in a new way with Blind Man's Bluff in Nature.
See nature in a new way with Blind Man's Bluff in Nature.
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Blind Man's Bluff in Nature will have kids using all of their senses except sight. This easy outdoor game for kids will have them discovering details they never experienced before.

What You'll Need:

  • Strips of cloth to use as blindfolds
  • Partner

Step 1: Divide the players into groups of two.

Step 2: One player puts on the blindfold.

Step 3: The other player leads the blindfolded player around, guiding him or her to touch, smell, and listen to different things in nature.

Step 4: The blindfolded player tries to guess what each thing is.

Step 5: The players trade places and try the game again.

Step 6: After the game, ask the players, "Do you notice more how things feel, smell, and sound than you did before?" Even familiar places can seem like strange new worlds!

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