Easy Outdoor Games for Kids

Meet a Tree Game

The Meet a Tree Game tests how well kids know the trees in their favorite park -- and how well they remember details. Kids use every sense but sight to explore a tree, and then see if they can find that tree again once their sight is restored. Play this easy outdoor game for kids in a wooded area or a park with lots of trees.

What You'll Need:

  • Area with a lot of trees
  • Partner
  • Blindfold

Step 1: Divide the players up into two-person teams. One person in each team puts on a blindfold.

Step 2: The partner turns the blindfolded person around two or three times, and then leads the person in a zig-zag path to a tree. The partner must be very careful to lead the blindfolded person around dangers.

Step 3: The blindfolded person explores the tree, taking as much time as he or she needs to feel the texture of the bark, find bumps or hollows, and find patches of moss or other features.

Step 4: When the blindfolded person is done, the partner leads him or her in a zig-zag path away from the tree, turning the blindfolded person around two or three times in the middle.

Step 5: The blindfolded person takes the blindfold off and tries to find the same tree.

Step 6: The partners switch places and explore another tree.

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