Easy Outdoor Crafts for Kids

These easy outdoor crafts for kids will teach your children all about nature in their own neck of the woods. Just how well do your kids know their neighborhood? What kinds of trees and plants are around your house? What does your community do with recyclable containers?

Follow the links below for easy outdoor crafts to help your kids discover what their natural environment has to offer. They might even be inspired to start a local improvement project to make your living space look nicer, or to join a recycling program to keep your area green!

Nature's Paint Box

Use the natural pigments found in flowers, leaves, and berries to create colorful pictures.

Recycled Container Instruments

Strike up a band of rhythmic instruments made from recyclable bottles, cans, and butter tubs.

Cattail Place Mats

Go hunting for cattail leaves and turn them into pretty place mats for the kitchen table.

Keep reading to learn how your kids can create brilliantly colored artwork from the earth's natural pigments.

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