Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids

New Uses for Milk Jugs

Make a watering can.
Make a watering can.
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Find new uses for milk jugs, and you'll wonder why you ever threw them away. This easy outdoor activity for kids introduces them to reusing, instead of just recycling.

Everybody knows that recycling is a good way to help nature. But there's another way, too: Reuse. "Recycling" means saving things so they can be turned into new products. "Reusing" means using products in new ways, instead of throwing them away. You'll be amazed at the possible uses for a simple plastic milk jug.

What You'll Need:

  • Plastic milk jug
  • Scissors

Idea 1: Make a watering can for flowers. All you need to do is have an adult cut off the top of the jug above the handle.

Idea 2: Organize craft supplies. Plastic milk jugs with the tops cut off make great places to keep craft supplies. Use them to store your nature finds until you're ready to use them.

Idea 3: Use as a container for sprouting seeds. Have an adult cut the top off to make a flower pot, and then poke holes in the bottom for drainage. You can get summer vegetables or flowers started inside and then transplant them outdoors when the weather gets warmer.

Idea 4: Make a "drinking fountain" for small wild animals by cutting the jug to make a shallow tray.

Can you think of other products that you could reuse, instead of throwing them away? Each time you go to throw away a package or other product, ask yourself, "How could I use this again?"

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