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Safe Bug Trap

Catch insects safely with this bug trap.
Catch insects safely with this bug trap.
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Build a safe bug trap with your kids, and you can catch insects with the same kind of trap used in movies to catch lions and tigers. Of course, the trap you build in this easy outdoor activity for kids will be for much, much smaller! You'll get to examine the bugs carefully -- and without harming them.

What You'll Need:

  • Glass jar
  • Hand trowel or shovel
  • Four flat rocks
  • Small board

Step 1: Pick a place that's likely to have a lot of bug traffic as the site for your safe bug trap. Under a bush is good.

Step 2: Get the glass jar, and dig a hole in which the jar will fit snugly. The lip of the jar should be about even with the ground.

Step 3: Put four small, flat rocks around the lip of the jar, as shown in the illustration, and set a board on the rocks. The board will keep rain and bug-eating animals out of the jar. The rocks allow enough room for bugs to fall into the trap.

Step 4: Leave your trap overnight.

Step 5: In the morning, see what you've caught. Can you identify the bugs?

Step 6: After you've studied your bug collection, let the insects go and fill up the hole you dug.

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