Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids

Spin and Balance Test

Try this spin and balance test to see how balance affects the simple things you do. Spinning around in circles affects our sense of balance by making us dizzy, but how does being dizzy affect the little things we do? This easy outdoor activity for kids will give you the answer.

What You'll Need:

  • A level space where you can spin and move around
  • Your sense of balance

Step 1: Spin around in place ten times or so. Be sure you are somewhere that you won't hurt yourself if you fall!

Step 2: See if you can touch your nose on the first try.

Step 3: See if you can easily walk a straight line.

Step 4: See if you can stand on one foot without a sway or tilt.

Step 5: Think about what happened. Did spinning around affect your sense of balance?

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