Easy Music Activities for Kids

Plastic Wrap Band

A plastic wrap band doesn't require lessons, instruments or practice. All you need are eager young musicians and some plastic wrap.

Have your kids ever made music with just a piece of plastic pressed to their lips? If not, have them give this easy musical activity for kids a try and create a plastic wrap band. It's simple enough to be fun for everyone.

What You'll Need:

  • Plastic wrap from various containers (candy, CDs, toys, etc.)
  • Your fingers and lips

Step 1: Take a piece of plastic wrap from a candy box, CD, or shrink-wrapped toy, and hold it tightly between your fingers.

Step 2: Hold the edge of the plastic just below your lips, and blow across it until the plastic whistles. If it doesn't work at first, don't give up. Keep twisting the edge of the plastic toward or away from your lips as you blow until you hear a shrill, almost birdlike squeal.

Step 3: Now try another type of plastic, and then keep trying others of different sizes, thicknesses, and lengths. Do they make the same tones?

Step 4: Gather the types of plastic wrap, and get a group of kids together for a plastic wrap band. Use wrap of different sizes and thicknesses so you'll have a variety of tones in the band.

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