Easy Music Activities for Kids

Make a cool kazoo to play.
Make a cool kazoo to play.
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Easy musical activities for kids add fun to, and take the hassles out of, making music. These quick activities will have everyone making music together without expensive instruments, lessons or years of practice. The focus is on fun as you make a plastic wrap band and a cool kazoo, then play them.

Instruments don't get much simpler than these two. Find some plastic wrap, a cardboard tube, a few other supplies, and you're set for a musical afternoon. And with instruments this easy, kids of all ages can play along.

Follow the links below to learn how you can make two easy musical instruments:

Plastic Wrap Band

Make music with plastic wrap, gather some friends, and form a band.

Cool Kazoo

Accompany your favorite song on a kazoo you make yourself.

Want to form a quick band? All you need are some pieces of plastic wrap and some kids to play them. Keep reading to find out how.

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