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Family Shoes Game

Select a shoe in the Family Shoes Game.
Select a shoe in the Family Shoes Game.
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The Family Shoes Game can help your family get to know one another better. In fact, your family may like this thoughtful and easy indoor game for kids so much that it becomes a weekly event.

What You'll Need:

  • Cardboard box large enough for one shoe of each family member
  • Paints and paintbrushes
  • Family members and their shoes
  • Scarf

Step 1: Decorate a large cardboard box by painting it in bright colors. Each family member might want to contribute part of the design.

Step 2: Let the box dry overnight.

Step 3: The next day, have each family member put one of their shoes into the box.

Step 4: Use a scarf to blindfold family members one at a time, and have them reach into the box and pick out a shoe. If they pick their own shoe, they should put it back and try again.

Step 5: When everyone has picked someone else's shoe, they have to think of three nice surprises they can do for the shoe's owner. Dad may be able to use a helping hand around the house. Or Grandma may need help mowing her lawn.

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