Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids

A corn husk bookmark makes reading more fun.
A corn husk bookmark makes reading more fun.
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Stuck indoors with nothing to do? Try easy indoor crafts for kids that will have you all creating something special in no time at all.

There are so many activities kids can do indoors. Create a plane to fly, experiment with gelatin, make a scrapbook, or decorate an ornament -- these indoor crafts are sure to cure cabin fever.


Follow these links to start keeping busy indoors:

Straw Glider

Use straws to make a cool plane that soars indoors.

Stencil Tiles

Decorate tiles to share in this easy indoor craft.

Keepsake Ornaments

Create ornaments worth displaying each year in this kids' craft.

Stunning Sunflower Wreath

This sunflower wreath doesn't need yellow petals to be stunning.

Exploding Glider

Create a glider made of sticks that explodes in midair.

Small Box Puzzle

Cut up a favorite picture and make a puzzling indoor craft.

Cornelia the Corn Husk Bookmark

Make a pretty little bookmark that will hold your spot no matter what.

Art the Navajo Way

Make an indoor sand painting in this kids' indoor activity.

Jiggly Gelatin Lenses

Use fun lenses to play with vision in this educational indoor craft.

Movie-Time Scrapbook

Start creating memories for a budding film critic in this kids' craft.

Hardware Sculpture

The nuts and bolts of easy sculpture starts with this indoor craft.

Take flight with an easy airplane in the first indoor craft, on the next page.

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