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Beauty in a Bottle

Create beauty in a bottle, a sand masterpiece.
Create beauty in a bottle, a sand masterpiece.
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Create beauty in a bottle when you turn colored sand into a sand painting.

What You'll Need:

  • Bottle or jar
  • Colored sand (available at crafts stores)

How to Create Beauty in a Bottle:

Step 1: Start with a nice-looking bottle or jar that has a lid. Wide-mouthed jars are easier to work with than ones with narrow tops. Have your children fill it with layers of different-colored sand to make a design.

Step 2: Here are some ideas to try: Alternate thin layers and thick layers. Repeat color patterns. (For example, layer red, orange, yellow. Then repeat the pattern.) Or, tilt the bottle while you add sand. This will make wavy stripes.

Step 3: When the bottle is full, put the lid on. If you don't have colored sand, you can use different textures of sand (coarse and fine) or even sand and pebbles.

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