Easy Homemade Craft Gifts for Kids

Healing Herbs

An herbal bath bag is easy for your kids to make, and they can use their healing herbs over and over again.

What You'll Need:

  • Cotton or muslin bag (approximately 4" x 3")
  • Dried herbs
  • String or ribbon

How to Make Healing Herbs:

Step 1: Have your children fill their bags with a mixture of dried herbs. (Some examples are listed below.) Then they should tie the top with a string or ribbon and make a loop at the top big enough to fit over a bathtub faucet.

Step 2: To use the bath bag, hang it from the faucet while hot water is running. (Make sure the bag hangs in the stream of running water.) They can also hang it in the shower. Let it dry completely before storing.

Now that everyone is soothed, keep reading to learn how to be a little silly and create a magnificent creature.

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