Easy Homemade Craft Gifts for Kids

Catching Rays

Everyone can enjoy catching rays inside.
Everyone can enjoy catching rays inside.
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Help your children enjoy catching rays when they recycle old yogurt lids to make dazzling stained-glass sun catchers.

What You'll Need:

  • White paper
  • Permanent markers in several colors including black
  • Yogurt lid with clear plastic "window"
  • Tape
  • Gold thread

How to Make Catching Rays:

Step 1: Have your children practice drawing a simple geometric design on white paper. They should make thick, black lines around large, simple areas.

Step 2: Have them fill the areas with color. When they create a design they like, copy the black lines onto the yogurt lid. Then have them fill in the blank areas with colored markers.

Step 3: Kids should tape a loop of gold thread to the lip of the lid. Hang their sun catchers for everyone to enjoy.

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