Easy Homemade Craft Gifts for Kids

Your children's valuables will remain protected in this fly away decoupage box.
Your children's valuables will remain protected in this fly away decoupage box.
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Easy homemade craft gifts for kids are wonderful activities for your children to do. Not only will the crafts create beautiful gifts for loved ones, they're so easy to do that kids will master them in no time.

The great thing about making these homemade craft gifts is that the supplies are very inexpensive, and your family will most likely have them on hand. So round up the kids, and set aside an afternoon to start crafting these wonderfully easy homemade craft gifts.



Follow the links below to learn how to make easy homemade craft gifts for kids:

Paper Promises

For a different kind of gift, your children can write down promises to their loved ones.

Catching Rays

Your kids can recycle plastic yogurt lids to reflect the sun's rays throughout the house.

Healing Herbs

Herbs can help people heal, and these herbs are perfect for a soothing bath.

Mixed-Up Creature

Cut different body parts from old magazine photos to create a magnificent creature.

Beauty in a Bottle

Layers of colored sand in a bottle are the heart of this attractive craft.

Give the World a Kiss

Your kids can remind their friends and family how we all should love our world.

Beeswax Candles

Create beautiful candles made out of beeswax that look just like honeycombs.

Earth Pencils

By copying the outlines of the continents, your children can design detailed pencils of the Earth.

Fly Away Decoupage Box

Your children can house their most precious valuables in this box they made themselves.

Pine Cone Flowers

Help your kids to gather fallen pine cones and turn them into pretty flowers.

Switch Plate Covers

Mix up your dull switch plates with some fanciful ones your children decorated.

Balloon Fortunes

Stuff homemade fortunes into balloons, pass them out at a party, along with pins to pop them!

Keep reading to learn how your children can write promises to those they love.

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