Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Such a Sap

Such a Sap is an easy gardening activity for kids that's great for Arbor Day. Plant a seed of hope with your kids.

What You'll Need:

  • Tree seedlings
  • Small shovel

How to Play Such a Sap:

Hundreds of rain forest acres are depleted every year by greedy corporations or by hungry locals trying to make a decent living. Either way, trees are vanishing, and with those trees, the oxygen supply and animal habitat they used to provide are vanishing too.

You can't always stop deforestation in other countries. But you can help rebuild the ecosystem, starting with your own backyard.

Plant a tree. Buy tiny tree starts or saplings at your local home and garden center, or write to the National Arbor Day Foundation (100 Arbor Ave, Nebraska City, NE, 68410) to buy saplings. The sooner you plant, the sooner we all breathe a little easier.

Let your kids send a unique message with flowers when you play By the Letter together. Learn this easy gardening activity on the next page.

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