Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Floral Advertising

Flower Advertising teaches kids why flowers are beautiful.
Flower Advertising teaches kids why flowers are beautiful.
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Floral Advertising teaches kids the basics of botany. The color of a flower is like a billboard. But what is it advertising?

What You'll Need:

  • Garden with a Variety of Flowers
  • Notebook
  • Pencil

How to Play Floral Advertising:

Step 1: Look at the different flowers in a large garden. Can you guess what pollinates each kind? If you can't tell, here are some clues.

Step 2: Hummingbirds are attracted to bright red and orange flowers, especially tube-shaped flowers that hang down. Hummingbird flowers offer lots of nectar, but don't have much scent -- birds don't have a keen sense of smell.

Step 3: Bees are drawn toward blue and purple flowers that offer lots of nectar and pollen. They also are attracted to white and yellow flowers, even though they don't see yellow all that well.

Why? Because these flowers may have ultraviolet markings that bees see but we can't! Bee flowers may be wide tubes or flat-landing platforms.

Step 4: Butterflies need nectar, and purple, yellow, or red butterfly-pollinated flowers offer plenty. Such flowers are either long tubes that a butterfly's tongue extends into or flat platforms where a butterfly can land and sip nectar. They are often scented; butterflies have an excellent sense of smell.

Step 5: Moths fly at night, so moth-pollinated flowers are bright white (colors aren't visible at night). Moth-pollinated flowers are often tubular and usually richly scented. Many open only at night, and all offer nectar.

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