Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Dig it Up

Dig it Up is an easy gardening activity that teaches kids how to cultivate healthy soil. Use these tips before you plant to pick the perfect piece of soil.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure your garden plot is weed-free.
  • Remove large rocks from your soil before you plant.
  • Add compost or manure to your soil for extra nutrients.
  • Are earthworms a part of your garden? If not, add some.

How to Play Dig it Up:

Step 1: Choose a place that gets six or more hours of direct sunshine each day. Your garden needs that life-giving light.

Step 2: Make sure your plot of ground is near a water source, a hose, or an irrigation spout. Be sure your land is level so water won't run off (taking your seeds and topsoil with it).

Step 3: Make sure the soil is alive -- search for organisms like worms and organic matter like sticks and leaf bits to help feed your crops.

With these tips in mind, you're sure to be a real green thumb!

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