Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Good Old Days

Good Old Days is an easy gardening activity for kids that teaches them the history of gardening -- and that today's gardeners are lucky to live in modern times.

What You'll Need:

  • Sharp rock
  • Digging stick
  • Seeds
  • Clay pots for water

If we need gardening tools, we just pull out our cash and head for the lawn and garden supply store. But it wasn't always so. Not so long ago, our ancestors had to make their own tools, often relying on sharp sticks and stones to help break up the soil.

How to Play Good Old Days:

Step 1: The next time you plant a garden, step back in time a few hundred years. Plant one section the old-fashioned way: Use rocks and sticks for gardening tools, and plant seeds your ancient ancestors might have had.

Step 2: Take it a step further and carry water in clay pots to give your growing plants a drink. You'll get a whole new appreciation for how easy this tough job has become.

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